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Secret Page
Dun dun dun!

What is this? I'll provide as simple an explanation as possible. Throughout this site are secret pages that I'll be plotting down. On each secret page there will be a riddle, and if you can solve that riddle you can IM me with the answer. What do you get? Well, here is the reason I made these pages. I have spent a lot of time taking movies from different video games and putting them on my computer in high quality. The problem is I don't have enough time for people to keep just asking me for them whenever they want. They're large movies so when I get a few people at the same time it makes it hard for me to do anything. So if you want to download a movie, here's how it will go.
First, you must find the secret page that has the movie you want.
Then you have to solve the riddle.
Once you've solved that, you can contact me on AIM as Emeryl Tekutsu. Tell me the answer, and I'll send you the movie.
Evil Hampsters are secret pages for NiGHTS into Dreams movies. You'll find that under the Eros section of the site.
Evil Walnuts are for Final Fantasy 7 movies, which you will find scattered around the Mettle Blade portion of the site.
Evil Eyes are for miscellaneous movies.
With that said, here's the riddle and movie this page is for.


Find all the words in the crossword and cross off all the used letters until you've found them all. Then take the remaining letters and you'll have the name you need. Some words may or may not be relevant to Eros the story.

Abode, Alric, Angel, Anger, Avarice, Avery, Beezlebub, Belial, Binny, Demon, Devil, Envy, Eros, Eve, Four, Glutton, God (three times), Koan, Lob, Lust, Man, Monk, One, Pride, Priest, Riddle, Satan, Sloth and Zen.

Opening : NiGHTS
Size: 6.80 MB
This is NiGHTS' big movie in the game, really. For being a main character, he/she is very much overshadowed by Claris and Elliot as far as the movie scenes went. But here, in one of the three opening movies, you get to see NiGHTS fly, make faces, and he/she even takes a bow at the end. (I always think of NiGHTS as a boy, but technically, 'he' wasn't suppose to originally have a gender, and in the manual it never says that he's one or the other.)

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