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Koan's Abode

You're left in a large mansion unattended, sitting on a couch in a living room. Koan slithers through a door with a small tray of teacups and makes his way over, setting the cups down on the table and seats himself opposite. Without a word he takes one of the cup and sips lightly.
"You have questions?" he finally ponders aloud.

Koan's Koans
Koans are from Zen Buddhism, used to teach students how to think without being bound by the normalities of life. So, you think you're sharp enough to solve a koan. Feel free to try your luck, but don't expect any logical answers.
Less complicated brain teasers. If you like solving little puzzles you can look over here.
An old game a lot of schoolgirls tended to play when we were younger. You play it to find out who you'll be with, or who someone else will be with. It also shows who'll be friends, lovers, an affair, marraige or enemies.