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FLAME is a fairly simple game, probably more common among young girls. It's been a long time since I've seen it though, and I was bored in class, so I started sketching it out.
The concept is to find out how two people will be to each other, Friends, Lovers, Affair, Marraige or Enemies, hence the FLAME. It starts with the two people's names. For an example I'll use Kohaku and Kouryuu from Wish.
First, eliminate any common letters between both names. There is an 'o' in both their names, so all o's will be striked out. There is also a 'u' in both names, so all u's will be striked out.
That shows which letters are gone. Now, you take the letters that you have left and write each letter of the word FLAME under (or over) them until you're out of letters.
Now, it ends on an M. This means Kohaku and Kouryuu will be married. Obviously that didn't happen in the manga, but it's fun to dream!
As I said, I was bored, so using this I've pre-done many characters already, but you can use it to figure out anyone that I missed! Perhaps you'll be inspired by an odd couple you've never thought of before here. (Note: It is possible for me to screw up one of these pretty easily, so if you just don't seem to be getting what I got, tell me and I'll check it!) Yaoi and yuri couples are included here. Why? Why not? :P I don't necessarily agree with all these pairings (After all, Sephiroth and Vincent are one of my favorite couples, and look at where they ended up), I'm just playing the game.
Final Fantasy 7
FriendsCloud, Aerith
Cloud, Barret
Cloud, Red XIII
Cloud, Hojo
Cloud, Rufus
Cloud, Cait Sith
Tifa, Barret
Aerith, Reno
Aerith, Rude
Aerith, Elena
Aerith, Cait Sith
Cid, Vincent
Cid, Cait Sith
Vincent, Hojo
Vincent, Reno
Vincent, Elena
Vincent, Tseng
Vincent, Reeve
Sephiroth, Yuffie
Sephiroth, Elena
Red XIII, Rufus
Red XIII, Rude
Red XIII, Tseng
Red XIII, Cait Sith
Yuffie, Rude
Yuffie, Cait Sith
Rufus, Cait Sith
Rude, Elena
Elena, Cait Sith
Tseng, Reeve

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