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 Updated May 15, 2003.
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I colored a picture of Loniaer and put it in the gallery, then I wrote a more in my plain little blog. I started writing another story and I'm a few pages into it, but I don't think I'm going to be putting it up. Currently it's in a state that already needs editting (I'm forcing myself to write it out even when I'm drawing blanks) and it's also going to be the beginning of something very large (or part of a beginning), so I don't really want to just hand it out to people.
I made another new site that I've been working on. It's called Devil's Advocate. I keep track of the WPR world there.
I've been working very hard on another site that's still fairly new, Sakura Dream. It's a Tokyo Babylon site. I've also nearly saved enough to pay for a year's worth of hosting. That's right, I'll finally be paying for a host. No pop-ups. Not such limited space. There will be a variety of sites when I do this. Thus far I believe there'll be an art site, this site, my Tokyo Babylon site, probably a shrine to Captain Jack, and lots of other things. So there's a lot of work going into it. No, I haven't forgotten this site.

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